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Bulbapedia also has an article about Identifier.
Wikipedia also has an article about Identifier.

In the Pokémon games, an identifier (also index number or ID number) is a number used within the game's code to identify pieces of data. Pokémon, items, locations, moves, and abilities all have unique identifiers; in each game, no two Pokémon have the same identifier.

In the first generation (Red/Blue and Yellow versions), the Pokémon's identifiers did not match the PokéDex numbers assigned to them (PokéDex number 1 is assigned to Bulbasaur, while identifier 1 is assigned to Rhydon). The identifier, not the PokéDex number, must be used for cheat codes and in-game tricks like the Old Man Trick or Ditto Trick. This was fixed in the second generation. Item identifiers are relatively constant throughout generations (i.e. item ID 1 is always the Master Ball).

An identifier is also referred to as a "hex", due to the fact that identifiers are almost always represented in hexadecimal notation.

Identifiers by generation