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7PkMn 'v (TENTACRUEL HYBRID) Dec: 221 Hex: DD Stats Lv.5: Atk 12, Def 12, Spd 16, Spc 18, HP 24 Stats Lv.100: Atk 147, Def 149, Spd 225, Spc 275, HP 296 Stats Lv.255: Atk 367, Def 372, Spd 566, Spc 693, HP 739 Attacks: Acid, Supersonic, Wrap, Wing Attack (Lv.8), Doubleslap (Lv.11), Super Glitch (Lv.12), Super Glitch (Lv.13), TM20 (Lv.14), Hi Jump Kick (Lv.31), Petal Dance (Lv.62), Poisonpowder (Lv.69), Razor Leaf (Lv.79), Dragon Rage (Lv.95), Withdraw (Lv.99), TM04 (Lv.102), Super Glitch (Lv.115), Super Glitch (Lv.131), Super Glitch (Lv.137), Glitch Move (may be Super Glitch) (Lv.153), Glitch Move (may be Super Glitch) (Lv.159), Screech (Lv.187), Petal Dance (Lv.195), Withdraw (Lv.204), Explosion (Lv.220), TM17 (Lv.221), TM21 (Lv.230), Mimic (Lv.237), Type: Water/Poison Evolution? None