Complete R/B/Y/G/S/C Hexadecimal BIG LIST

This is the Complete R/B/Y/G/S/C Hexadecimal Big List. It contains the hexadecimal address of every Pokémon, item, and attack in the first two generations of Pokémon games, as well as the R/B/Y letter hexadecimal numbers for the MissingNo. glitch. Blank areas in the list are either actually blank, or require further research. This list is for use on Glitch City Laboratories ONLY.

Items updated by PokemonPichu on June 9, 2006. Glitch City Labs is grateful for the help.

R/B/Y Pokémon
R/B/Y Attack
R/B/Y Item

G/S/C Pokémon

G/S/C Attack

G/S/C Item

R/B/Y Letter
00 0 'M Nameless Glitch Move (Cooltrainer Move) #j. ????? (Nameless glitch move - freezes game.)    
01 1 Rhydon Pound Master Ball Bulbasaur Pound Master Ball  
02 2 Kangaskhan Karate Chop Ultra Ball Ivysaur Karate Chop Ultra Ball  
03 3 Nidoran (Male) Doubleslap Great Ball Venusaur Doubleslap Brightpowder  
04 4 Clefairy Comet Punch Poké Ball Charmander Comet Punch Great Ball  
05 5 Spearow Mega Punch Town Map Charmeleon Mega Punch Poké Ball  
06 6 Voltorb Pay Day Bicycle Charizard Pay Day    
07 7 Nidoking Fire Punch ????? (Surfboard) Squirtle Fire Punch Bicycle  
08 8 Slowbro Ice Punch Safari Ball Wartortle Ice Punch Moon Stone  
09 9 Ivysaur Thunderpunch Pokédex Blastoise Thunderpunch Antidote  
0A 10 Exeggutor Scratch Moon Stone Caterpie Scratch Burn Heal  
0B 11 Lickitung Vicegrip Antidote Metapod Vicegrip Ice Heal  
0C 12 Exeggcute Guillotine Burn Heal Butterfree Guillotine Awakening  
0D 13 Grimer Razor Wind Ice Heal Weedle Razor Wind Paralyz Heal  
0E 14 Gengar Swords Dance Awakening Kakuna Swords Dance Full Restore  
0F 15 Nidoran (Female) Cut Paralyz Heal Beedrill Cut Max Potion  
10 16 Nidoqueen Gust Full Restore Pidgey Gust Hyper Potion  
11 17 Cubone Wing Attack Max Potion Pidgeotto Wing Attack Super Potion  
12 18 Rhyhorn Whirlwind Hyper Potion Pidgeot Whirlwind Potion  
13 19 Lapras Fly Super Potion Rattata Fly Escape Rope  
14 20 Arcanine Bind Potion Raticate Bind Repel  
15 21 Mew Slam Boulder Badge Spearow Slam Max Ether  
16 22 Gyarados Vine Whip Cascade Badge Fearow Vine Whip Fire Stone  
17 23 Shellder Stomp Thunder Badge Ekans Stomp Thunderstone  
18 24 Tentacool Double Kick Rainbow Badge Arbok Double Kick Water Stone  
19 25 Gastly Mega Kick Soul Badge Pikachu Mega Kick    
1A 26 Scyther Jump Kick Marsh Badge Raichu Jump Kick HP Up  
1B 27 Staryu Rolling Kick Volcano Badge Sandshrew Rolling Kick Protein  
1C 28 Blastoise Sand Attack Earth Badge Sandslash Sand Attack Iron  
1D 29 Pinsir Headbutt Escape Rope Nidoran (Female) Headbutt Carbos  
1E 30 Tangela Horn Attack Repel Nidorina Horn Attack Lucky Punch  
1F 31 MissingNo. Fury Attack Old Amber Nidoqueen Fury Attack Calcium  
20 32 MissingNo. Horn Drill Fire Stone Nidoran (Male) Horn Drill Rare Candy  
21 33 Growlithe Tackle Thunderstone Nidorino Tackle X Accuracy  
22 34 Onix Body Slam Water Stone Nidoking Body Slam Leaf Stone  
23 35 Fearow Wrap HP Up Clefairy Wrap Metal Powder  
24 36 Pidgey Take Down Protein Clefable Take Down Nugget  
25 37 Slowpoke Thrash Iron Vulpix Thrash Poké Doll  
26 38 Kadabra Double-Edge Carbos Ninetales Double-Edge Full Heal  
27 39 Graveler Tail Whip Calcium Jigglypuff Tail Whip Revive  
28 40 Chansey Poison Sting Rare Candy Wigglytuff Poison Sting Max Revive  
29 41 Machoke Twineedle Dome Fossil Zubat Twineedle Guard Spec.  
2A 42 Mr. Mime Pin Missile Helix Fossil Golbat Pin Missile Super Repel  
2B 43 Hitmonlee Leer Secret Key Oddish Leer Max Repel  
2C 44 Hitmonchan Bite ????? (Unusable) Gloom Bite Dire Hit  
2D 45 Arbok Growl Bike Voucher Vileplume Growl    
2E 46 Parasect Roar X Accuracy Paras Roar Fresh Water  
2F 47 Psyduck Sing Leaf Stone Parasect Sing Soda Pop  
30 48 Drowzee Supersonic Card Key Venonat Supersonic Lemonade  
31 49 Golem Sonicboom Nugget Venomoth Sonicboom X Attack  
32 50 MissingNo. Disable PP Up Diglett Disable    
33 51 Magmar Acid Poké Doll Dugtrio Acid X Defend  
34 52 MissingNo. Ember Full Heal Meowth Ember X Speed  
35 53 Electabuzz Flamethrower Revive Persian Flamethrower X Special  
36 54 Magneton Mist Max Revive Psyduck Mist Coin Case  
37 55 Koffing Water Gun Guard Spec. Golduck Water Gun Itemfinder  
38 56 MissingNo. Hydro Pump Super Repel Mankey Hydro Pump    
39 57 Mankey Surf Max Repel Primeape Surf Exp. Share  
3A 58 Seel Ice Beam Dire Hit Growlithe Ice Beam Old Rod  
3B 59 Diglett Blizzard Coin Arcanine Blizzard Good Rod  
3C 60 Tauros Psybeam Fresh Water Poliwag Psybeam Silver Leaf  
3D 61 MissingNo. Bubblebeam Soda Pop Poliwhirl Bubblebeam Super Rod  
3E 62 MissingNo. Aurora Beam Lemonade Poliwrath Aurora Beam PP Up  
3F 63 MissingNo. Hyper Beam S.S. Ticket Abra Hyper Beam Ether  
40 64 Farfetch'd Peck Gold Teeth Kadabra Peck Max Ether  
41 65 Venonat Drill Peck X Attack Alakazam Drill Peck Elixer  
42 66 Dragonite Submission X Defense Machop Submission Red Scale  
43 67 MissingNo. Low Kick X Speed Machoke Low Kick Secretpotion  
44 68 MissingNo. Counter X Special Machamp Counter S.S. Ticket  
45 69 MissingNo. Seismic Toss Coin Case Bellsprout Seismic Toss Mystery Egg  
46 70 Doduo Strength Oak's Parcel Weepinbell Strength    
47 71 Poliwag Absorb Item Finder Victreebell Absorb Silver Wing  
48 72 Jynx Mega Drain Silph Scope Tentacool Mega Drain Moomoo Milk  
49 73 Moltres Leech Seed Poke Flute Tentacruel Leech Seed Quick Claw  
4A 74 Articuno Growth Lift Key Geodude Growth Psncureberry  
4B 75 Zapdos Razor Leaf Exp. All Graveler Razor Leaf Gold Leaf  
4C 76 Ditto Solar Beam Old Rod Golem Solar Beam Soft Sand  
4D 77 Meowth Poisonpowder Good Rod Ponyta Poisonpowder Sharp Beak  
4E 78 Krabby Stun Spore Super Rod Rapidash Stun Spore Przcureberry  
4F 79 MissingNo. Sleep Powder PP Up Slowpoke Sleep Powder Burnt Berry  
50 80 MissingNo. Petal Dance Ether Slowbro Petal Dance Ice Berry (End of name marker)
51 81 MissingNo. String Shot Max Ether Magnemite String Shot Poison Barb  
52 82 Vulpix Dragon Rage Elixer Magneton Dragon Rage King's Rock  
53 83 Ninetales Fire Spin Max Elixer Farfetch'd Fire Spin Bitter Berry  
54 84 Pikachu Thundershock B2F Doduo Thundershock Mint Berry  
55 85 Raichu Thunderbolt B1F Dodrio Thunderbolt Red Apricorn  
56 86 MissingNo. Thunder Wave 1F Seel Thunder Wave Tinymushroom  
57 87 MissingNo. Thunder 2F Dewgong Thunder Big Mushroom  
58 88 Dratini Rock Throw 3F Grimer Rock Throw Silverpowder  
59 89 Dragonair Earthquake 4F Muk Earthquake Blu Apricorn  
5A 90 Kabuto Fissure 5F Shellder Fissure    
5B 91 Kabutops Dig 6F Cloyster Dig Amulet Coin  
5C 92 Horsea Toxic 7F Gastly Toxic Ylw Apricorn  
5D 93 Seadra Confusion 8F Haunter Confusion Grn Apricorn  
5E 94 MissingNo. Psychic 9F Gengar Psychic Cleanse Tag  
5F 95 MissingNo. Hypnosis 10F Onix Hypnosis Mystic Water  
60 96 Sandshrew Meditate 11F Drowzee Meditate Twistedspoon Bold A
61 97 Sandslash Agility B4F Hypno Agility Wht Apricorn Bold B
62 98 Omanyte Quick Attack w #m# Krabby Quick Attack Black Belt Bold C
63 99 Omastar Rage ws# #m# Kingler Rage Blk Apricorn Bold D
64 100 Jigglypuff Teleport v##t#m# Voltorb Teleport   Bold E
65 101 Wigglytuff Night Shade #'d#m# Electrode Night Shade Pnk Apricorn Bold F
66 102 Eevee Mimic #m# Exeggcute Mimic Blackglasses Bold G
67 103 Flareon Screech w 'l#m# Exeggutor Screech Slowpoketail Bold H
68 104 Jolteon Double Team #f#m# Cubone Double Team Pink Bow Bold I
69 105 Vaporeon Recover m| Marowak Recover Stick Bold V
6A 106 Machop Harden gm| Hitmonlee Harden Smoke Ball Bold S
6B 107 Zubat Minimize *glitch blocks* Hitmonchan Minimize Nevermeltice Bold L
6C 108 Ekans Smokescreen é Lickitung Smokescreen Magnet Bold M
6D 109 Paras Confuse Ray i | Koffing Confuse Ray Miracleberry Bold :
6E 110 Poliwhirl Withdraw lg- Weezing Withdraw Pearl Small hiragana i
6F 111 Poliwrath Defense Curl -g Rhyhorn Defense Curl Big Pearl Small hiragana u
70 112 Weedle Barrier QGnS| Rhydon Barrier Everstone Bold ' (opening single quote)
71 113 Kakuna Light Screen GnS| Chansey Light Screen Spell Tag Bold ' (closing single quote)
72 114 Beedrill Haze Q;MP Tangela Haze Ragecandybar Bold " (opening double quote)
73 115 MissingNo. Reflect :MP Kangaskhan Reflect   Bold " (closing double quote)
74 116 Dodrio Focus Energy DHNh|T4 Horsea Focus Energy   Bold .
75 117 Primeape Bide *glitch blocks* Seadra Bide Miracle Seed ...
76 118 Dugtrio Metronome *glitch blocks* Goldeen Metronome Thick Club Small hiragana a
77 119 Venomoth Mirror Move 4 Seaking Mirror Move Focus Band Small hiragana e
78 120 Dewgong Selfdestruct *no name* Staryu Selfdestruct   Small hiragana o
79 121 MissingNo. Egg Bomb P u Starmie Egg Bomb Energypowder Pokéball Border top left
7A 122 MissingNo. Lick 4 “ Mr. Mime Lick Energy Root Pokéball Border horizontal piece
7B 123 Caterpie Smog o8 Scyther Smog Heal Powder Pokéball Border top right
7C 124 Metapod Sludge 8 8
Jynx Sludge Revival Herb Pokéball Border vertical piece
7D 125 Butterfree Bone Club P u
Electabuzz Bone Club Hard Stone Pokéball Border bottom left
7E 126 Machamp Fire Blast A ?
Magmar Fire Blast Lucky Egg Pokéball Border bottom right
7F 127 MissingNo. Waterfall *your name* 76 7 Pinsir Waterfall Card Key (Space)
80 128 Golduck Clamp PC
Tauros Clamp Machine Part A
81 129 Hypno Swift  4 4 y PC......4 u4 H Magikarp Swift   B
82 130 Golbat Skull Bash 4
Gyarados Skull Bash Lost Item C
83 131 Mewtwo Spike Cannon : pu *rival’s name*E Lapras Spike Cannon Stardust D
84 132 Snorlax Constrict Trade completed! Ditto Constrict Star Piece E
85 133 Magikarp Amnesia Too bad! The trade wasn't completed!
Eevee Amnesia Basement Key F
86 134 MissingNo. Kinesis *glitch block*
Vaporeon Kinesis Pass G
87 135 MissingNo. Softboiled PKMNou u u C Jolteon Softboiled   H
88 136 Muk Hi Jump Kick >D Flareon Hi Jump Kick   I
89 137 MissingNo. Glare E Porygon Glare   J
8A 138 Kingler Dream Eater o B p ' t' u' v
Omanyte Dream Eater Charcoal K
8B 139 Cloyster Poison Gas TRADE CENTER
Omastar Poison Gas Berry Juice L
8C 140 MissingNo. Barrage p'é Enemy
Kabuto Barrage Scope Lens M
8D 141 Electrode Leech Life a
Kabutops Leech Life   N
8E 142 Clefable Lovely Kiss 8
Aerodactyl Lovely Kiss   O
8F 143 Weezing Sky Attack BATTLE ANIMATION
Snorlax Sky Attack Metal Coat P
90 144 Persian Transform BATTLE STYLE
Articuno Transform Dragon Fang Q
91 145 Marowak Bubble CANCEL
Zapdos Bubble   R
92 146 MissingNo. Dizzy Punch WA4
Moltres Dizzy Punch Leftovers S
93 147 Haunter Spore 2pu Dratini Spore   T
94 148 Abra Flash EtE
Dragonair Flash   U
95 149 Alakazam Psywave F
Dragonite Psywave   V
96 150 Pidgeotto Splash F
Mewtwo Splash Mysteryberry W
97 151 Pidgeot Acid Armor XF
Mew Acid Armor Dragon Scale X
98 152 Starmie Crabhammer CC' *female sign* POKéi6 Chikorita Crabhammer Berserk Gene Y
99 153 Bulbasaur Explosion POKéTRAINER: U
Bayleef Explosion   Z
9A 154 Venusaur Fury Swipes a pu u w F 't
Meganium Fury Swipes   (
9B 155 Tentacruel Boomerang v
Cyndaquil Bonemerang   )
9C 156 MissingNo. Rest u
Quilava Rest Sacred Ash :
9D 157 Goldeen Rock Slide Q r 4a h I QU
Typhlosion Rock Slide Heavy Ball ;
9E 158 Seaking Hyper Fang 4 8 4 8 H
Totodile Hyper Fang Flower Mail [
9F 159 MissingNo. Sharpen ABCDFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ Croconaw Sharpen Level Ball ]
A0 160 MissingNo. Conversion Iua Feraligatr Conversion Lure Ball a
A1 161 MissingNo. Tri Attack 2u 4 V h V
Sentret Tri Attack Fast Ball b
A2 162 MissingNo. Super Fang RIVAL's
Furret Super Fang   c
A3 163 Ponyta Slash NAME?
Hoothoot Slash Light Ball d
A4 164 Rapidash Substitute NICKNAME?
Noctowl Substitute Friend Ball e
A5 165 Rattata Struggle SiS MS4 h.S
Ledyba Struggle Moon Ball f
A6 166 Raticate Randomly Named Glitch Move (Super Glitch) *male sign* i eC]V
Ledian Sketch Love Ball g
A7 167 Nidorino qq SiS MS4 hL Spinarak Triple Kick Normal Box h
A8 168 Nidorina Randomly Named Glitch Move (Super Glitch) *down arrow*
Ariados Thief Gorgeous Box i
A9 169 Geodude Randomly Named Glitch Move (Super Glitch) a:
Crobat Spider Web Sun Stone j
AA 170 Porygon Randomly Named Glitch Move (Super Glitch) NEW NAME
Chinchou Mind Reader Polkadot Bow k
AB 171 Aerodactyl Randomly Named Glitch Move (Super Glitch) NEW NAME
Lanturn Nightmare   l
AC 172 MissingNo. Randomly Named Glitch Move (Super Glitch) *glitch blocks*
Pichu Flame Wheel Up-Grade m
AD 173 Magnemite Randomly Named Glitch Move (Super Glitch) 5oz.CL: QU
Cleffa Snore Berry n
AE 174 MissingNo. Randomly Named Glitch Move (Super Glitch) *BLUE on Pokemon Blue, RED on Pokemon Red*
Igglybuff Curse Gold Berry o
AF 175 MissingNo. Randomly Named Glitch Move (Super Glitch) *GARY on Pokemon Blue, ASH on Pokemon Red*
Togepi Flail Squirtbottle p
B0 176 Charmander Randomly Named Glitch Move (Super Glitch) *JOHN on Pokemon Blue, JACK on Pokemon Red*
Togetic Conversion2   q
B1 177 Squirtle Randomly Named Glitch Move (Super Glitch) NEW NAME
Natu Aeroblast Park Ball r
B2 178 Charmeleon Randomly Named Glitch Move (Super Glitch) *RED on Pokemon Blue, BLUE on Pokemon Red* Xatu Cotton Spore Rainbow Wing s
B3 179 Wartortle Randomly Named Glitch Move (Super Glitch) *ASH on Pokemon Blue, GARY on Pokemon Red* Mareep Reversal   t
B4 180 Charizard Randomly Named Glitch Move (Super Glitch) *JACK on Pokemon Blue, JOHN on Pokemon Red* Flaafy Spite Brick Piece u
B5 181 MissingNo. Randomly Named Glitch Move (Super Glitch) *no name*
Ampharos Powder Snow Surf Mail v
B6 182 Kabutops Fossil
Randomly Named Glitch Move (Super Glitch) ]9 O
Bellossom Protect Liteblue Mail w
B7 183 Aerodactyl Fossil
Randomly Named Glitch Move (Super Glitch) G
Marill Mach Punch Portrait Mail x
B8 184 Ghost MissingNo. Randomly Named Glitch Move (Super Glitch) G
Azumarill Scary Face Lovely Mail y
B9 185 Oddish Randomly Named Glitch Move (Super Glitch) *rival's name*G
Sudowoodo Faint Attack Eon Mail z
BA 186 Gloom Randomly Named Glitch Move (Super Glitch) 'G
Politoed Sweet Kiss Morph Mail é
BB 187 Vileplume Randomly Named Glitch Move (Super Glitch) QG
Hoppip Belly Drum Blue Sky Mail 'd
BC 188 Bellsprout Randomly Named Glitch Move (Super Glitch) oG
Skiploom Sludge Bomb Music Mail 'l
BD 189 Weepinbell Randomly Named Glitch Move (Super Glitch) G
Jumpluff Mud-Slap Mirage Mail 's
BE 190 Victreebel Randomly Named Glitch Move (Super Glitch) H
Aipom Octazooka   't
BF 191 A Randomly Named Glitch Move (Super Glitch) H
Sunkern Spikes TM01 'v
4 4
C0 192 a Randomly Named Glitch Move (Super Glitch) H
Sunflora Zap Cannon TM02  
4 4 Hy
C1 193 (Jp symbol glitch) (Freezes) Randomly Named Glitch Move (Super Glitch) 4S v é: *all characters on keyboard on name screen?*
Yanma Foresight TM03  
(Female symbol glitch)
C2 194 .4 Randomly Named Glitch Move (Super Glitch) *glitch block*
Wooper Destiny Bond TM04  
p PkMn p' '
C3 195 h POKé Randomly Named Glitch Move (Super Glitch) H
Quagsire Perish Song TM04  
C4 196 POKéWTRAINER (Freezes) HM01 HM01 Espeon Icy Wind TM05  
X - x
C5 197 PkMn HM02 HM02 Umbreon Detect TM06  
4 . .
C6 198 LM4 HM03 HM03 Murkrow Bone Rush TM07  
7 g
C7 199 p T (Freezes) HM04 HM04 Slowking Lock-On TM08  
C8 200 "Jacred" (Freezes) HM05 HM05 Misdreavus Outrage TM09  
C9 201 Youngster TM01 TM01 Unown Sandstorm TM10  
CA 202 Bug Catcher TM02 TM02 Wobbuffet Giga Drain TM11  
CB 203 Lass TM03 TM03 Girafarig Endure TM12  
CC 204 Sailor TM04 TM04 Pineco Charm TM13  
CD 205 Jr. Trainer Male TM05 TM05 Forretress Rollout TM14  
CE 206 Jr. Trainer Female TM06 TM06 Dunsparce False Swipe TM15  
CF 207 Pokémaniac TM07 TM07 Gligar Swagger TM16  
D0 208 Super Nerd TM08 TM08 Steelix Milk Drink TM17  
D1 209 Hiker TM09 TM09 Snubbull Spark TM18  
D2 210 Biker TM10 TM10 Granbull Fury Cutter TM19  
D3 211 Burglar TM11 TM11 Qwilfish Steel Wing TM20  
D4 212 Engineer TM12 TM12 Scizor Mean Look TM21  
D5 213 Juggler TM13 TM13 Shuckle Attract TM22  
D6 214 Fisherman TM14 TM14 Heracross Sleep Talk TM23  
D7 215 Swimmer TM15 TM15 Sneasel Heal Bell TM24  
D8 216 Cue Ball TM16 TM16 Teddiursa Return TM25  
D9 217 Gambler TM17 TM17 Ursaring Present TM26  
DA 218 Beauty TM18 TM18 Slugma Frustration TM27  
DB 219 Psychic TM19 TM19 Magcargo Safeguard TM28  
DC 220 Rocker TM20 TM20 Swinub Pain Split TM28  
DD 221 Juggler TM21 TM21 Piloswine Sacred Fire TM29  
DE 222 Tamer TM22 TM22 Corsola Magnitude TM30  
DF 223 Bird Keeper TM23 TM23 Remoraid Dynamicpunch TM31  
E0 224 Blackbelt TM24 TM24 Octillery Megahorn TM32 ' (apostrophe)
E1 225 Rival (#1) TM25 TM25 Delibird Dragonbreath TM33 PK
E2 226 Professor Oak TM26 TM26 Mantine Baton Pass TM34 MN
E3 227 Chief TM27 TM27 Skarmory Encore TM35 - (dash)
E4 228 Scientist TM28 TM28 Houndour Pursuit TM36 'r
E5 229 Giovanni TM29 TM29 Houndoom Rapid Spin TM37 'm
E6 230 Rocket TM30 TM30 Kingdra Sweet Scent TM38 ?
E7 231 Cooltrainer Male TM31 TM31 Phanpy Iron Tail TM39 !
E8 232 Cooltrainer Female TM32 TM32 Donphan Metal Claw TM40 .
E9 233 Bruno TM33 TM33 Porygon2 Vital Throw TM41 Small katakana a
EA 234 Brock TM34 TM34 Stantler Morning Sun TM42 Small katakana u
EB 235 Misty TM35 TM35 Smeargle Synthesis TM43 Small katakana e
EC 236 Lt. Surge TM36 TM36 Tyrogue Moonlight TM44 Outline Right Arrow
ED 237 Erika TM37 TM37 Hitmontop Hidden Power TM45 Right Arrow
EE 238 Koga TM38 TM38 Smoochum Cross Chop TM46 Down Arrow
EF 239 Blaine TM39 TM39 Elekid Twister TM47 Male Symbol
F0 240 Sabrina TM40 TM40 Magby Rain Dance TM48 Money Symbol
F1 241 Gentleman TM41 TM41 Miltank Sunny Day TM49 x (times sign)
F2 242 Rival (#2) TM42 TM42 Blissey Crunch TM50 . (period)
F3 243 Rival (Final) TM43 TM43 Raikou Mirror Coat HM01 / (division slash)
F4 244 Lorelei TM44 TM44 Entei Psych Up HM02 , (comma)
F5 245 Channeler TM45 TM45 Suicune Extremespeed HM03 Female symbol
F6 246 Agatha TM46 TM46 Larvitar Ancientpower HM04 0
F7 247 Lance TM47 TM47 Pupitar Shadow Ball HM05 1
F8 248 Glitch - Freezes Game TM48 TM48 Tyranitar Future Sight HM06 2
F9 249 Glitch - Freezes Game TM49 TM49 Lugia Rock Smash HM07 3
FA 250 Glitch - Freezes Game TM50 TM50 Ho-oh Whirlpool   4
FB 251 Glitch Trainer (Can be used for ZZAZZ Glitch) TM51 TM51 Celebi Beat Up   5
FC 252 Glitch Trainer (Can be used for ZZAZZ Glitch) TM52 TM52 ????? (Nameless glitch move - freezes game.)   6
FD 253 Glitch Trainer (Freezes after battle) TM53 TM53 Egg (Nameless glitch move - freezes game.)   7
FE 254 Glitch Trainer (Can be used for ZZAZZ Glitch) TM54 TM54 ????? (Nameless glitch move - freezes game.)   8
FF 255 Glitch Trainer (Can be used for ZZAZZ Glitch) TM55 TM55 ????? (Nameless glitch move - freezes game.)   9