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Old Man Trick
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Bulbapedia also has an article about Old Man Trick.
Wild MISSINGNO. appeared!

'Missingno. glitch' redirects here, for articles on the actual glitch Pokémon named "MISSINGNO." themselves, please see the disambiguation page - MISSINGNO.

The Old Man Trick allows one to capture high-level or glitch Pokémon on the eastern Cinnabar Island strait. It is sometimes called the MissingNo. Glitch.

This glitch was partially fixed in some foreign versions of Red and Blue, such as the Spanish versions, although this glitch can still be done with the Walking through walls glitch and walking (not surfing) on the coast.



  1. A Red or Blue Version Pokémon game that has been played up to Cinnabar Island.
  2. A Pokémon that knows Fly.
  3. A Pokémon that knows Surf.


1. Talk to the Old Man at Viridian City who shows you how to catch Pokémon. Say no to his question and watch his demonstration.


2. Fly to Cinnabar Island. Do not leave Viridian City before doing this.

3. Surf along the eastern coast of Cinnabar Island until you encounter a wild Pokémon.


Additional Information

One of the weird MissingNo. variations. It appears if you have a w in the right place in your name.
As the player is Surfing, he should encounter Pokémon that normally wouldn't be seen in the ocean, some of which are over Level 100. Eventually, the player will encounter a Glitch Pokémon called either 'M or MissingNo.

MissingNo. and 'M are prized mainly because encountering one gives the player 128 of the sixth item on your item list. This trick can therefore be used to give the player almost infinite Master Balls, Rare Candies, etcetera, by using it again whenever the supply runs low.


Which other Pokémon you encounter with this glitch is determined by your name. To find out what Pokémon will appear with your character's name, use our R/B Name Generator or the Big List.

How It Works

A technical description of this trick from PikaGlitchie's MissingNO. page (Zero_Six on the Forums (slightly edited)):

1. When creating the map of which Pokémon appears where, the programmers made a mistake. The strip of land making up the Cinnabar Island Strait was programmed to be a place where wild Pokémon could appear, but they forgot to specify WHICH Pokémon could appear there! Whenever you enter a new area, the data for "What Pokémon appear where" is overwritten with the specific data for that area. However, because no data is specified for the Cinnabar Island Strait, the previous data will remain, enabling you to evidentially catch Pokémon there from the last area you visited (this is what causes the Safari Zone trick to take place).

2. When you watch the Old Man's demonstration, the picture and text change from your name to "Old Man". For this to happen, the programmers changed the variables given to your name so the picture and text can show up as "Old Man". These are stored in the byte containing the data for "What Pokémon appear where" as this was the place the programmers would be a safe place to store them until the demonstration finishes, and they would be overwritten when you entered a new place anyway, but when you go directly from the Old Man's demonstration to the Cinnabar Island Strait, the data won't be overwritten as it should, leaving your name's variables in the "What Pokémon appear where" byte. None of these variable's HEX Values make sense, so it would fit that the Pokémon encountered there would not make sense. The game brings up an empty HEX Value so Missingno appears.