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From Glitch City Laboratories

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Welcome to the Glitch City Laboratories wiki! We are a Pokémon fansite dedicated to the various glitches and quirks of the game series. We currently have 272 pages, but we're constantly working on more.

Want to help? Check out our manual of style, learn what is expected of articles at GCL, and read about our article validation. Also consult the MediaWiki help documents for information on how to edit wikis in general.


xx Official #glitchcity Steam group and temporary chatroom.

June 05, 2013, 03:47:35 PM by Photon-Phoenix
We now have an official steam group for the IRC chatroom #glitchcity and a temporary chatroom to use while #glitchcity is non-existant.  Here is the steam group.

And the link to the temporary IRC and its server/channel is as follows: #desuempire

The steam group and IRC chatroom are BOTH an extension of the GCL forums and wiki.  They use the same rules and repercussions may happen on ALL of the components of this website if infractions to rules are severe enough.

With that being said, we hope you have a nice time and have fun!
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xx Server Migration

March 04, 2012, 10:08:49 PM by Abwayax

In an attempt to resolve downtime issues I've migrated GCL to a new server. We're still in beta mode now, but let's see how well we can hold up now. If all goes well we should be ready to go public soon.

Adrian Malacoda
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xx Planned outage until further notice

December 08, 2010, 07:31:44 PM by Abwayax
So that the wiki problems can be resolved and Project Phoenix and the GCL 3.0 revamp can be done, I will take the entire site down for maintenance starting Friday, December 10th and continuing indefinitely until the maintenance is complete.

A temporary chatroom and forum will be available in the meantime.

Thanks for being patient,
Adrian Malacoda and the GCL staff.
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September 12, 2010, 01:34:29 PM by Abwayax
this just in from our host, systeminplace:
Chicago region is currently unreachable due to the fact that Steadfast's network has failed due to problems with what was supposed to be "non-intrusive" maintenance. You can read their status on their website.

Rest assured that we are applying pressure on Steadfast to correct this issue immediately.

To ensure that other systems run properly, we have turned off the queue runner while this gets resolved. If you need something done in the LA or Germany regions, please open a ticket as the queue will be purged before we start the queue runner back up to ensure that people do not unnecessarily restart their VPSes.

There have been issues with systeminplace's Chicago VPSs since midnight. While they were supposed to have been fixed by noon, both systeminplace and steadfast continue to report problems. There may be slowness and/or downtime until the issue is completely resolved
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xx Official IRC chat opens

June 27, 2010, 01:39:33 PM by Abwayax
Today I'm announcing the official opening of the Glitch City Laboratories IRC chatroom, #glitchcity.

Click here to go to the web chat interface or set up your chat client to connect to #glitchcity on

This chatroom is governed by the same set of rules that GCLF is. As the official channel of the site, it is exempt from the "what happens in IRC stays in IRC" rule usually enforced for third-party channels such as #zanzibar.

(text in <brackets> is a placeholder. The word "channel" means chatroom)

* /join <channel> joins a channel. If the channel does not exist, it is created
* /part leaves the current channel.
* /quit disconnects from the server.
* /me <text> creates "action text" that might look something like this: " * malacoda <text>".
* /msg <user> sends a private chat message to another user. It is used to start private conversations.


* /nick <nickname> changes your nickname. If the nickname you want is registered by someone else, you will be informed.
* /msg nickserv register <password> registers your nickname with NickServ, the nickname service. Registration with NickServ is optional unless you are in a position of authority on the channel: registration is required to configure ChanServ (the channel service) to grant you any form of authority. Registration also allows you to reserve a nickname as your own and prevent others from taking it.
* /msg nickserv identify <password> identifies your current nick to NickServ. This is like "logging in". If you connect using a registered nickname, NickServ will prompt you to "identify".
* /msg nickserv ghost <username> <password> disconnects another user who is using your nickname. This is also useful if you disconnect but your nick remains connected to the server (as a "ghost" user).

When you load the web applet, some security related dialogs will appear.

* If you see a dialog saying Do you want to run this application? click RUN. You may also check the Always trust content from this publisher to prevent this dialog from appearing in the future.
* If you see a dialog saying Block potentially unsafe components from being run? click NO. If you click Yes, the applet will not run properly.
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