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ZZAZZ Glitch
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The player encounters one of several Glitch trainers which can trigger the ZZAZZ glitch.

The ZZAZZ Glitch is a miscellaneous glitch which occurs when the player encounters a glitch trainer by using a Special stat of either 251, 252, 253, 254, or 255 in the Ditto Trick. The player encounters a glitch trainer that turns all of the player's Pokémon into Level 153 Bulbasaur knowing Explosion, and all of the letters in the player's name, except at spaces that are multiples of 3, are replaced with Z's.


Name Origin

The name "ZZAZZ Glitch" came from the player using the name "OLD MAN" which resulted in this glitch editting part of the player's name to be "ZZAZZ".

When encountered

When the player encounters one of the Glitch trainers which can trigger the ZZAZZ glitch (if the player is performing the Ditto Trick he or she will need a Pokémon with a Special Stat of any multiple of 251, 252, 253, 254 or 255.) most in-game variables will be changed to a constant of 153. This explains why most of the player's name is changed to include 'Z' because the letter Z has a hexadecimal identifier of 99 or 153 in standard decimal. The opponents name will also consist of mainly the letter 'Z' and the opponent will send out various level 153 glitch Pokémon with an index number of 255 and two normal Pokémon such as Cloyster and Jynx. These level 153 are either "Charizard 'M" if the player's game is Pokémon Red or Pokémon Blue or "Q" if the player's game is Pokémon Yellow.

When the player is about to make a move all of his or her moves will have been changed to Explosion except for the third move because it is a multiple of three. Other moves such as the sixth move are also affected by this rule because they are a multiple of three, however these are normally unseen by the player. The player's Pokémon except for those in a slot which is any multiple of three are also changed to be level 153 Bulbasaurs.

When the player tries to use a move his or her Pokémon will commonly disobey the trainer and use a different move; this is because the actual O.T will no longer apply to the player's previous name because it has been changed to something entirely different. This is the case even if the player owns all of the normal eight badges because the Earth Badge was never programmed to account for traded Pokémon over level 100. As a result of a change in the player's name the game will take the player's Pokémon which were affected by this glitch to be one of those 'traded' Pokémon.

Since the opponent's Charizard 'M or Q usually has an extremely large amount of HP it is extremely difficult to defeat this Trainer without the use of a Game-altering device. However, for currently unknown reasons the player can easily escape the battle if he or she uses any type of Pokéball as the battle will suddenly end even after the Trainer blocks the ball.

The effects of the ZZAZZ Glitch outside of battle

If the player manages to escape the battle with the glitch trainer he or she will be left with a team of level 153 Bulbasaurs with the move Explosion, sometimes effects similar to the Super Glitch can happen if data which corresponds to other important bytes in the game was altered in-battle; this is the data after a particular defined slot, for example data which corresponds to the "seventh Pokémon". If the ZZAZZ Glitch changed the end Pokémon variable in the player's name (usually this corresponds to Charizard 'M or Q depending on the player's version) to another Pokémon that is typically another level 153 Bulbasaur with Explosion the statuses of the "Pokémon" below the end Pokémon variable will have an effect on events which happen outside of battle. Therefore one could expect the game to take a Pokémon to be poisoned when he or she walks about if data corresponding to another byte was stored in a Pokémon's staus.

If the player saves after performing this glitch, the game can sometimes be erased, unless the player's name is three characters long or less, not causing a name that is too long for the game to store when saving. When the player chooses the Save button the game will often not even display the usual "Saving..." message because the glitch would have already corrupted data which corresponds to how the game displays text.

Also, if the player battles another trainer after this, he or she would fight the same ZZAZZ glitch trainer, who is normally undefeatable (even with typical codes from a game-altering device), but can sometimes be encountered with a beatable team.) Even if he is defeated, the next trainer the player fights will be the ZZAZZ glitch trainer.


Up to name and party change

  1. Follow the steps for the Ditto Trick, using a Pokémon with any special stat from 251 to 255.
  2. The player should encounter the glitch trainer.

Up to ZZAZZ Glitch Trainer

  1. Use any item. The battle should end.
  2. Battle any trainer.


  • Bulbasaur, Explosion, the capital Z, and the Level of the Bulbasaur all share HEX 153.
  • Neither the third Pokémon in the player's party, nor each third letter in his name, nor the third move of each of the player's Pokémon are changed by this glitch.

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