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Walk through walls
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From Glitch City Laboratories

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The "walk through walls" GameShark code has always been fun and useful to people. Contrary to popular belief, a similar effect is possible without the use of a game-altering device via a glitch.


  • Must be able and know how to do the Glitch City glitch.
  • Pokémon with high HP or a lot of potions (preferably both).
  • At least one poisoned Pokémon.


  1. Get all the Pokémon in the party poisoned. (It helps if the player only has one Pokémon in the party)
  2. Perform the Glitch City glitch but stop after step four, whilst keeping the party Pokémon conscious.
  3. The 500th Safari Zone step has to be on a ledge.
  4. If performed correctly, the player should be in the Safari Zone entrance building, and will be able to the walk through walls.
  5. Walk around until all of the player's Pokémon faints (The game will crash if the player tries to leave through the door).
  6. The player is now at the last Pokémon Center visited/home and will have the ability to walk through walls.

Video Demonstration