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Walk on water
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Miscellaneous glitches of Pokémon Red and Blue and Pokémon Yellow

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Walk on Water is a glitch that allows the player to walk on water.


  • A Pokémon that knows Surf.
  • A NPC, Poké Ball etc. standing right of à water tile. Said NPC must also be on a walkable tile.

Possible NPCs :

  • Cerulean Gym :
    • The female Trainer next to Misty
    • Misty herself
  • Route 12 : the collectable item
  • Sea Route 21 : two fishermen on the small platforms

Another NPC that can be used is on Cycling Road. Thus the player must either bypass the gate using Walk Through Walls, or the ????? (Surfboard) item to be able to surf on Cycling Road.

One of the Cue Balls near the middle of the road can be used. However when the player stands on the water tile, the start menu cannot be opened, soit the player must reset the console, or be defeated by the Cue Ball.


  1. Surf, and stand left of the target NPC. Face towards the NPC (you should be looking right)
  2. Use Surf.

The game won't state that you can't go off, and the player will be standing on a water tile.

Example : WalkonwaterRBY1.pngWalkonwaterRBY2.png