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Walk around with only fainted Pokémon
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Miscellaneous glitches of Pokémon Red and Blue and Pokémon Yellow

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The Pokémon Red and Blue games allow the player to walk around with a party of no active Pokémon by depositing all Pokémon into the PC except those which are fainted.

If the player walks three steps with a party of no active Pokémon, this will result in a black out. However, the amount of steps required for a black out can be reset by saving the game and resetting.

This method allows the player to enter a Trainer battle or a wild Pokémon battle without any active Pokémon, but this will only result in a black out after the battle begins.

In Pokémon Yellow, this glitch was patched, as the game checks for fainted Pokémon every step instead of four.