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Unused town
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From Glitch City Laboratories

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Town Map name: PALLET TOWN
Unused town.png
Identifier (HEX) 0B
Identifier (DEC) 11
Town Map header I.D (HEX) 00
Town Map header I.D (DEC) 00
Default track (Undocumented)
Tileset (Undocumented)
Size Undefined
Map type Key Area

In the first generation of the handheld Pokémon game series - Pokémon Red, Pokémon Blue and Pokémon Yellow; blank and formatted map data for the hexadecimal value 0B (11) is erroneously read as a part of 'PALLET TOWN' (header #0) with co-ordinates (0,0) by the Town Map. An unused address, when checked will allow the player to travel to the map location via the move Fly, suggesting that it may have once been intended as a main key area in Pokémon Red and Green's development but with its data formatted from the final game. The actual location when entered, freezes the game. However, the fact the identifiers 00 to 0A (0 to 10) correspond to real towns and cities, and the fact that the value 0C (12) corresponds to Route 1 can suggest this area as an additional location which never made it into the final game.

Method (Red/Blue/Yellow)

  1. The player can view this location on the Town Map through the use of a game-altering device through the use of the GameShark code 010B5ED3 (010B5DD3 for Pokémon Yellow).
  2. The player should leave the code off, until activating it just before using the Town Map.
  3. The game will suggest that the player is in a 'second Pallet Town' north of the Pokémon League with co-ordinates (0,0).

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