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Trick Zone
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The term "Trick Zone" is a reference to a miscellaneous glitch, only existing on Pokémon Yellow. It is a variation of similar glitches such as the Mew Trick and the Ditto Trick. However, it does not in any way influence the Pokémon that will appear in the battle.


  1. The player must not have battled one particular trainer found on Route 9 (as shown in the picture below)

This guy.PNG
2. The player needs to have a Pokémon knowing either the move Fly or Teleport.
3. The player needs access to another trainer who can walk up to the player that he or she hasn't battled yet.


  1. The player should Fly or Teleport away from the first trainer.
  2. The player should go and battle the second trainer but must make him walk over.
  3. The player should read this sign:

Cerulean City.PNG
4. The player should walk east to Route 9.

If performed correctly, glitch dialog will be displayed, immediately after this, the player shall be forced into a wild Pokémon battle. After the battle is over, all the overworld characters will appear as 'glitchy blocks' (see picture).

Screen Capture.PNG


  • One can also substitute the Cerulean City's Sign with:
  1. The Pokémon Center's sign in Celadon City.
  2. The Pidgeot in Saffron City.
  3. The fourth SNES on the Third Floor of the Celadon Department Store.
  4. The poster in the Game Corner.
  • This glitch works much like the Zero Error glitch but it is performed in a different area, which gives different results.
  • Using this glitch can cause additional effects due to it's potential to prevent Pikachu from following the player.

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