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Glitch Unowns
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Glitch Unowns are glitched versions of the Unown. Some varients of these glitches look like versions of older glitches from Pokémon Red and Blue; whilst others such as the varient with an index number of 254 seem to categorise a list of small icons of all the Unown letters except Z (A-Y). Other Glitch Unowns are a combination of both of the possible appearences explained above.

Many of the Glitch Unowns cannot be seen as they either crash the game, reset it into a Glitch Dimension or have strange effects on the game. One of the most unique examples of one of these glitches is Ilsty and ?. The game will switch to the evolution screen and presume a Pokémon named "Ilsty" is evolving into a Forretress.



  1. A category to see pictures of Unown on the Pokédex.


  1. The GameShark code 01XX24DC can be entered to replace the first Unown seen, where XX is any Hexadecimal number between 1B and FF or 00 as values 01 to 1A correspond to normal Unowns.
  2. The player can then check the UnownDex to see one of the Glitch Unowns.

Version differences

In Pokémon Gold and Silver some variations of the Glitch Unowns have appearences indexing all of the legitimate Unowns from A-Z. In Pokémon Crystal however, that sprite seems to have been removed from the game. Instead, some Glitch Unowns on Pokémon Crystal have their own unique appearences, as they appear to mix the sprites of other Pokémon into their own.

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