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PkMn PkMn [aka Scrambled Bulbasaur] (DODRIO HYBRID) Dec: 224 Hex: E0 Stats Lv.5: Atk 16, Def 12, Spd 15, Spc 12, HP 21 Stats Lv.100: Atk 231, Def 149, Spc 217, Spc 145 Stats Lv.255: Atk 581, Def 372, Spd 545, Spc 362, HP 611 Attacks: Peck, Growl, Fury Attack, Doubleslap (Lv.6), Glitch Move (may be Super Glitch) (Lv.9), TM40 (Lv.10), TM05 (Lv.12), Horn Drill (Lv.13), Sonicboom (Lv.14), TM13 (Lv.16), Solarbeam (Lv.17), TM46 (Lv.24), Gust (Lv.27), Horn Drill (Lv.28), Wing Attack (Lv.32), TM11 (Lv.33), Double Kick (Lv.35), Haze (Lv.37), Whirlwind (Lv.40), Guillotine (Lv.42), TM15 (Lv.48), TM15 (Lv.51), Fire Blast (Lv.53), TM15 (Lv.54), Double Kick (Lv.55), TM05 (Lv.56), TM05 (Lv.58), Flamethrower (Lv.62), Tackle (Lv.65), TM05 (Lv.96), Defense Curl (Lv.101), TM11 (Lv.103), Supersonic (Lv.111), TM05 (Lv.114), TM24 (Lv.126), Glitch Move (may be Super Glitch) (Lv.127), TM24 (Lv.128), Thunderpunch (Lv.151), TM34 (Lv.175), Wrap (Lv.177), TM01 (Lv.178), TM24 (Lv.179), TM30 (Lv.180), Whirlwind (Lv.188), TM01 (Lv.190), Tackle (Lv.192), TM05 (Lv.193), Pay Day (Lv.197), TM07 (Lv.198), TM40 (Lv.200), Glitch Move (may be Super Glitch) (Lv.201), Hypnosis (Lv.203), Amnesia (Lv.204), Fury Swipes (Lv.205), TM54 (Lv.211), Thunder (Lv.213), Flamethrower (Lv.214), TM03 (Lv.215), TM05 (Lv.225), TM13 (Lv.229), TM01 (Lv.233), Mega Punch (Lv.234), TM01 (Lv.235), TM50 (Lv.242), Horn Drill (Lv.243), Mirror Move (Lv.248), Psychic (Lv.250), TM55 (Lv.254), Poison Sting (Lv.255) Type: Normal/Flying Evolution? None