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M p u (234) Dec: 211 Hex: D3 Stats Lv.5: Atk 15, Def 26, Spd 15, Spc 7, HP 33 Stats Lv.100: Atk 206, Def 436, Spd 222, Spc 57, HP 480 Stats Lv.255: Atk 494, Def 999, Spd 545, Spc 122, HP 999 Attacks: Super Glitch, Agility, TM28, Agility, Egg Bomb (Lv.11), Fly (Lv.18), Pin Missile (Lv.32), TM24 (Lv.120), Horn Drill (Lv.176), TM34 (Lv.184), Glitch Move (May be Super Glitch) (Lv.245), TM41 (Lv.246), Type: PokeManiac Evolution? None