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h Poke (GENGAR HYBRID) Dec: 195 Hex: C3

Stats Lv.5: Atk 12, Def 11, Spd 16, Spc 19, HP 21

Stats Lv.100: Atk 161, Def 133, Spd 239, Spc 289, HP 246

Stats Lv.255: Atk 392, Def 351, Spd 627, Spc 678, HP 611

Attacks: Lick, Confuse Ray, Night Shade, HM02 (Lv.8), Conversion (Lv.17), Pound (Lv.104), TM24 (Lv.175), Tackle (Lv.186), Pound (Lv.195), Super Glitch (Lv.205) Type: Ghost/Poison

Evolution? Gloom @ Lv.225

Obtain: RB:195 can be obtained through the Ditto Trick using a Pokémon with a Special stat of 195. Yellow Equivalent: Z4

Notes: Pokedex freezes game

RB:195's Pokédex screen freezes the game. To get around this, Gengar's entry must be in the player's Pokédex. Because RB:195 is a Gengar hybrid, the presence of Gengar in the Pokédex causes the game to skip displaying RB:195's Pokédex screen.