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Fossil conversion glitch
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Select bugs in Pokémon Red and Green

Doko kashira door glitch | Fossil conversion glitch

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Please note that this glitch only exists in the Japanese versions of the game, or is otherwise a glitch from a Pokémon game which was only released in Japan.Japan.gif
A player recieving a glitch Pokémon in the Japanese version of Pokémon Red, after performing the fossil conversion glitch.

The fossil conversion glitch is a variation of many Japanese exclusive glitches, known as select bugs on Pokémon Red and Green. It was presumably first documented on the Japanese Pokémon glitch website [1]

This glitch allows the player to change the identifier of an original legitimate fossil Pokémon such as Kabuto or Omanyte and change it to another Pokémon. As a result, all legitimate Pokémon are obtainable through this glitch, as well as any glitch Pokémon on Pokémon Red and Green.



Main article:Select bugs


  1. The player requires either a Helix Fossil or a Dome Fossil in his or her bag.
  2. The player needs access to at least Cinnabar Island
  3. The player needs at least five Pokémon in his or her party.
  4. The player needs at least 13 items in his or her PC.
  5. The data of the fifth Pokémon will be corrupted, so to eliminate any side-effects of the glitch it is reccommended that it is not valuable.


  1. Presuming that the player has at least five Pokémon in the party and a thirteenth item in the PC, he or she should go to the fossil scientist in Cinnabar Island and resurrect any fossil.
  2. Before returning to obtain the original fossil Pokémon, the player should to the Pokémon Center and access his or her PC.
  3. The player should use the select button on his or her 13th item in the PC and then exit using the Cancel option.
  4. The player should encounter a Pokémon in the Cinnabar Mansion (if he or she uses a Rod or the move Surf the select button will have been deselected).
  5. Within the battle, the player should go to the Pokémon screen and select the fifth Pokémon.
  6. After choosing the 'RUN' option, if the player returns to the scientist and receives his or her Pokémon it will be received as another Pokémon (depending total experience (modulo 256) of the shifted Pokémon.)

External links

  1. [2] - A step by step guide of the fossil conversion glitch for Pokémon Red and Green in Japanese.