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Evolve without an evolutionary stone
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Miscellaneous glitches of Pokémon Red and Blue and Pokémon Yellow

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This glitch is the only way to access some of the Red/Blue glitch Pokémon's evolutions, such as ◣ゥ 8 (hex:C9)'s evolution via 'exposure to a Card Key' at at least level 28, into C (hex:E5).

The evolve without an evolutionary stone glitch is a glitch in Pokémon Red and Blue that allows the player to evolve a Pokémon without an evolutionary stone, or to access glitch Pokémon evolutions that would otherwise be impossible. It was fixed in Pokémon Yellow.


  1. A Pokémon that evolves by an evolutionary stone, such as Clefairy, Staryu, or Pikachu, as the first Pokemon in your party.
  2. One of the following Pokemon, each one of which corresponds to an evolution stone, in your party.
  • Exeggutor - Moon Stone
  • HEX 20 Missingno. - Fire Stone
  • Psyduck - Leaf Stone
  • Growlithe - Thunderstone
  • Onix - Water Stone


  1. The player has to get into a Trainer battle.
  2. Have the first Pokémon in the player's party, the one he or she is trying to evolve, gain a level.
  3. Switch out the Pokémon that the player is trying to evolve and put the Pokémon that corresponds to the necessary evolution stone.
  4. Have that Pokémon finish the trainer battle.

Additional information

This glitch can also be done when encountering a wild Pokémon. Have the Pokémon you're trying to evolve start the battle and then change Pokémon and place the Pokémon that corresponds to the required evolution stone in battle. Have the Pokémon end the battle. Both Pokémon will gain experience and for the glitch to work, the Pokémon the player is trying to evolve will need to gain a level from the experience it gains.

Evolving glitch Pokémon with this glitch

More research is needed for this article.
Gen III 00FC-0114.png
Reason given: Verify these evolutions

Certain glitch Pokémon evolve by 'exposure to an item' that isn't an evolutionary stone. Others may evolve with a valid stone, but only through this glitch and not through the actual item. An example is the glitch Pokémon O PkMn4 X, which can evolve at level 6 or more when using this glitch with Exeggutor (corresponding to Moon Stone).

Here is a list of glitch Pokémon stone or item evolutions by echinodermata. Note that the data was taken from the ROM, so there may be some evolutions that do not work.

Glitch Pokémon Stone/item evolution 1 Stone/item evolution 2 Stone/item evolution 3 Stone/item evolution 4
Hex:C4. Level 128 by item Great Ball (Nidoran♂) into Hypno. N/A. N/A. N/A.
Hex:C9. Level 28 by item Card Key (Drowzee) into glitch Pokemon hex:E5. N/A. N/A. N/A.
Hex:CF. Level 6 by item Moon Stone (Exeggutor) into Gengar. N/A. N/A. N/A.
Hex:D0. Level 46 by item TM34 (glitch Pokémon hex:EA) into glitch Pokemon hex:D1. N/A. N/A. N/A.
Hex:D4. Level 179 by item TM40 (glitch Pokémon hex:F0) into glitch Pokemon hex:CB. N/A. N/A. N/A.
Hex:DB. Level 17 by item glitch item "4S v é" (glitch Pokémon hex:C1) into Nidoqueen. N/A. N/A. N/A.
Hex:DC. Level 175 by item TM05 (glitch Pokémon hex:CD) into Missingno. hex:20. N/A. N/A. N/A.
Hex:E3. Level 19 by item Great Ball (Nidoran♂) into Electabuzz. N/A. N/A. N/A.
Hex:E8. Level 52 by item HP Up (Fearow) into Growlithe. Level 11 by item glitch item hex:7E (Machamp) into Kangaskhan. Level 216 by item TM50 (glitch Pokémon hex:FA) into glitch Pokemon hex:D0. N/A.
Hex:E9. Level 36 by item TM34 (glitch Pokémon hex:EA) into glitch Pokemon hex:CC. Level 175 by item TM05 (glitch Pokemon hex:CD) into Missingno. (hex:20). N/A. N/A.
Hex:EA. Level 138 by item Oak's Parcel (Doduo) into glitch Pokémon hex:CE. Level 138 by item Oak's Parcel (Doduo) into glitch Pokémon hex:CE. (appears in the data again)[citation needed] Level 225 by item Rare Candy (Chansey) into Farfetch'd. Level 8 by item Water Stone (Onix) into 'M (00).
Hex:EE. Level 6 by item Moon Stone (Exeggutor) into Gengar. N/A. N/A. N/A.
Hex:F3. Level 164 by item TM24 (glitch Pokemon hex:E0) into Missingno. (hex: 3E). Level 46 by item TM34 (glitch Pokemon hex:EA) into glitch Pokemon hex:D1. N/A. N/A.
Hex:F7. Level 195 by item Master Ball (Rhydon) into Missingno. (hex:5F). Level 195 by glitch item 4 4 y PC...... 4 ぅ 4 H hex:81 (Hypno) into Missingno. (hex:5F). N/A. N/A.
Hex:FB. Level 14 by item Fire Stone (Missingno. hex:20) into Missingno. (hex:AF). Level 17 by item Fire Stone (Missingno. hex:20) into Missingno. (hex:AF). Level 124 by item Pokédex (Ivysaur) into glitch Pokemon hex:E6. Level 208 by item TM24 (glitch Pokemon hex:E0) into glitch Pokemon hex:C9.
Hex:FE. Level 8 by item Super Repel (Missingno. hex:38) into Chansey. Level 51 by item TM03 (glitch Pokemon hex:CB) into glitch Pokemon hex:FA. N/A. N/A.


The reason this glitch occurs is because the game uses the same memory address to detect whether an item is used or whether a Pokémon is in battle.

The memory address is CF91. Use a Fire Stone outside of battle, and this variable is filled briefly by hex:20. Enter a battle, and send out a hex:20 Missingno., and the variable will become hex:20.

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