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Walking lag glitch
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Miscellaneous glitches of Pokémon Red and Blue and Pokémon Yellow

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Walking lag glitch, previously known erroneously as Zero Error due to error codes that may appear during the text box matching method, is a minor glitch in Pokémon Red, Blue, Yellow. Exploiting this glitch causes lag before the player can take their next step. Sound effects may also be played with the lag or the game may freeze, depending on the player's coordinates and time spent on the map.

There is no documented fix for the glitch except arbitrary code execution.

The glitch causes the route to become glitchy, and it will remain like that even when the player leaves the route and save and resets the game.

If the player loses, a text box may appear before the player is sent back to their black out location.

The glitch can be pulled off by two variations of the Trainer escape glitch. The first one involves changing boxes. The second one involves forcing an encounter with an unbeaten Trainer on the original route through 'text box matching'. Text box matching basically forces the game to load the equivalent text box for the last text box in memory, and have that text box trigger a Trainer encounter.

Example procedure (box change method)

More research is needed for this article.
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Reason given: Can battles be lost to trigger the glitch still?

  1. Perform any method of Trainer escape glitch that deactivates your START menu.
  2. Go to any Pokémon PC, change boxes to save the game.
  3. Reset. Your START menu will be active.
  4. Go to the map where the Trainer escape glitch was activated, but you shouldn't get any encounter.
  5. Fight any Trainer on the map. Since they can't notice you, you have to talk to them.
  6. Once the battle is finished, another battle may immediately start, with a glitched text box being displayed for a couple frames before being overwritten by the battle animation.
  7. Win all battles that may happen (up to 3 in a row have been reported to occur)
  8. Once the battles are over, the map will have the Walking lag glitch activated.

Example procedure (text box matching method)

1. Go to Vermillion City.


2. Walk up to the route north of Vermilion.


3. From here, perform a Trainer-Fly glitch by flying away from the trainer in the upper left hand corner of the route.


4. Choose to fly back to Vermilion City.


5. Walk to the route that is east of Vermilion.


6. Fight any trainer here. It does not matter who the player fights, as long as the trainer walks at least one step towards the player.


7. After the trainer battle, the player should go back to Vermilion and talk to the lady wandering about outside (her text box ID is 01) - see the image below for the lady:

Walking delay lady.png

8. The player should then walk up to the route north of Vermilion one last time and the player will battle the Trainer with a level 20 Squirtle (if the Trainer was unbeaten). The walking lag glitch will begin afterwards.


Vermilion Forest variant

When using the Trainer-Fly glitch in Vermilion Forest with the trainer right before the exit, when one of the trainers is battled then rebattled, the walking lag glitch will also occur, without any sound effects and there will be less lag.

Fixing the glitch

More research is needed for this article.
Gen III 00FC-0114.png
Reason given: Add methods with details for each map

The glitch comes from the game advancing the map script ID but triggering more battles due to reading invalid flags, and not setting the ID back to 0 (the intended way).

Using item PC Expanded item pack or Arbitrary code execution allows fixing the glitch, but the method depends on the map the glitch was triggered on.