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Jetboat glitch (Sanrio Timenet: Kako-Hen and Mirai-Hen)
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This article describes a glitch in Sanrio Timenet: Kako-Hen and Mirai-Hen, a game outside the Pokémon franchise. See Sanrio Timenet: Kako-Hen and Mirai-Hen glitches for a listing of glitches reported in this game and Non-Pokémon glitches for a list of non-Pokémon glitches.

This article must comply with the non-Pokémon glitches guideline.

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The Jetboat glitch is a glitch in the Japanese Game Boy monster battling games Sanrio Timenet: Kako-Hen and Mirai-Hen.

If the player tries to use the Jetboat (Japanese: ジェットボート) item after pressing Select from the Start screen, it will not work even if they are facing water/ground from on the water surface, but if they use it after pressing B on the overworld, it will work.

Note: This glitch has only been tested so far on Kako-Hen, the "Past" version.

YouTube video by ChickasaurusGL


On the official Japanese Imagineer website, there is a question and answer about how to use the Jetboat item on a user support page for Sanrio Timenet. It is unknown whether this was in response to users not being able to use the Jetboat due to this glitch.