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10F (RB:095)
Mart Name:10F
Pack Name:10F
Identifier:95 (5F)
Sell Price:0
Effect In Battle
Loads invalid music, spits player out back onto the overworld without reloading graphics. Coordinates are overwritten, causing the player to effectively be surrounded by walls. START menu works, however the menu ends up overwriting portions of the map and can only be opened once. You can FLY away, but the "surrounded by walls" effect persists.
Effect Outside Battle
Disables most control, writes over player's coordinates, causing the player to effectively be surrounded by walls. Corrupts entity tables, moving them around and changing indexes to text. Menu control is disabled, the only real action that can be taken is either a soft-reset or the START button can be pressed to open and close the START menu. Loads invalid music.
Other Information