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Generation II glitch Egg
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The Generation II glitch Egg, named "EGG" (Japanese: タマゴ) is a glitch Pokémon in Generation II with an index number of 0xFD (dec:253). It is data for an Egg assigned to hatch from another Egg, thus serving as a glitch Pokémon, or the game's attempt for looking up information for Pokémon 253.

The Generation II glitch Egg will take its typing and base stats from an earlier Pokémon in memory (in at least English Pokémon Gold and Silver and English Pokémon Crystal). It does not have a valid backsprite or Pokédex entry.

The backsprite of the Generation II glitch Egg may appear as a glitchy mess or reset/freeze the game (depending on the version).

The player is able to deposit all Pokémon except for a Generation II glitch Egg into a box, or deliver a Pokémon holding Mail to Randy on Route 31 to end up with only the Generation II glitch Egg.

The Generation II glitch Egg can be obtained with ????? party overloading and byte shifting (from a bad clone) or arbitrary code execution.

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