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Name (transcribed): (Variable name)

Identifier (HEX): B0
Identifier (DEC): 176
Applicable for Super Glitch?: Yes
Effect byte: 0x64
Effect pointer: ?
Type : Poison
Animation/Mirror Move: Petal Dance (0x50)
Power: 22
Accuracy: 45/256
PP (no PP Ups): 37

(Variable name) is a Poison-type glitch move in Pokémon Yellow. It is capable of causing Super Glitch.

If Super Glitch does not succeed (or is forced not to by forcing a 0x50 sub-tile early in the screen data after opening the items or Pokémon menu in battle with GameShark code 0150A0C3 or OAM DMA hijacking), then a successful hit with this glitch move will deal damage with Petal Dance's animation. It is unknown if there are any possible side effects.

Glitch Pokémon which learn (variable name) (0xB0)